Frequently Asked Questions

Why Change the Name?

There are only three USA BABY stores left in the country. They are all independent. Each can decide what products to carry etc... The other stores have been moving in a direction that is no longer in line with the direction our store has been heading for years. Further independence will only help us ensure that we can provide an even greater level of scrutiny over what products we carry.

What happens with my order?

Nothing. Goodnight Baby & Kids is owned by the same parent company. All of our official business is done through the parent company (bank accounts, accounts with vendors, suppliers, manufacturers) Your order will continue being fulfilled without interruption.

What happens with my registry?

Your registry will be transitioned to the new website. This may take a few business days. When clicking on our old site,, your family will be automatically redirected to the new site with ample instruction.

Are you going to have new products?


Are you going to change anything else?

Yes. We are getting a brand new website, where you can purchase products online. We will be constantly improving and adding to the site. We are also adding members to our customer service staff, in order to improve customer service.

CLICK HERE to go to our new website!